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What is Billboard Finder?

Billboard Finder is a carefully thought-out and constantly evolving online platform that firstly assists potential buyers with selecting the correct outdoor advertising space for their business. Billboard Finder makes searching for billboards simple and creates value for Media Owners looking for a place to sell their inventory to potential sellers.

Do I have to pay to use Billboard Finder?

As a media buyer there is no cost to search for and enquire about availability of billboards on our platform with all the members listed on the platform. Currently media owners are listings their space for free on the system as we build traction. In the near future however we will be charging a small fee to media owners for listing views and enquiries.

How do I register to use Billboard Finder?

Please click on the link (Add Register/Login Link) and fill in your details depending on if you are a media owner or media buyer.

How do I search for Billboards?

You can search for billboards using the intuitive search function on our Home Page or Listing page sections. Alternative you can even search for billboards using our interactive map view search and pin point your billboard with points of interest in mind.

What if the billboard I am looking for isn’t listed?

Get in touch with our team of experts who will guide you on your search and even offer some expert advice.

How do I write a good write up for my billboard?

As a guide, you can start with WHAT your outdoor advertising space is then WHERE the outdoor space is located than add in WHO the space is targeting and lastly WHY should people advertise on the space and try include relevant points of interest to add credibility of the listing.

Living Standards Measure (LSM) Groups explained?

Refers to the SAARF Universal Living Standards Measure, which is a unique means of segmenting the South African market by dividing the population into 10 LSM groups, 1 (lowest) to 10 (highest)

See below for AMPS data from 2015 as a source of LSM Groups in South Africa:

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