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The Current OOH Process in South Africa

In short, the current state of outdoor advertising in South Africa is that of many choices especially in urban metros and it can be overwhelming for a new buyer. The


We have reached 300 listings… and growing!

The billboard finder website has grown from strength to strength from February 2018 with its initial launch and we are very excited to announce we have over three hundred listings

Billboard Finder Welcomes New Media Owners

Hi Everyone We are extremely proud to welcome the following new Media Owners to joining our brand new Billboard Finder platform for August 2018. Connect Outdoor Advertising Connect media advertising

How to choose the right billboard space

So, you have spent time on your marketing plan and have your marketing strategy down to a tee and ready start getting your information together for it. You may have

Outdoor advertising is even more effective if you get the creative right.

Image Source: Outdoor advertising can be highly effective and engaging but it is important to spend time on your creative to get the highest return on investment for your marketing

What is Billboard Finder exactly?

What is Billboard Finder exactly? Firstly, thank you for visiting our site! You may be wondering to yourself what does this website do for my business? (Media Owner and prospective